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Xander Stone Ink provides a wide array of professional writing and editing services for authors, individuals, collegiate students, and businesses. All work is 100% original and free of plagiarism. Personal contact is maintained with clients throughout the order period to ensure the highest quality outcomes possible.

Services for college students include:
writing / editing of research papers, essays, term papers, personal statements, theses, and dissertations. 

Services for authors include:
ghostwriting / editing / proofreading of books, short stories, essays, and poetry.

Interior book formatting is: 
complete interior book formatting as a ready-to-print file that can be uploaded onto Createspace or other self-publishing / POD site.
We format your raw word doc file into a copy that meets professional publishing standards. Delivered as a PDF. 

Services for individuals include:
writing / editing of creative works, resumes and cover letters, and web-based content.

Services for businesses include:
writing / editing of website content, business proposals, and marketing & advertising.

Salvatore “Xander” Folisi is a writer and poet whose works have been published in Adbusters, Vision Magazine, Stone Path Review, Earthbound Review, Scorpio in Venus, and the online new sites Alternet, State of Nature, and Reality Sandwich. 

As a result of a long-term love affair with writing, in 2009 Salvatore started Xander Stone Ink to provide writing and editing support for authors, individuals, businesses, and collegiate students.

Below are a few of Salvatore's published works.

Revolt Against the Madness provides an insightful critique of diverse aspects of modern society, including: capitalism, technology, and the imperialistic disregard for nature and indigenous cultures that has resulted in both environmental destruction and a crisis of soul throughout much of humanity. 

Salvatore's most recent collection of poems and short stories.

Poems and short stories witten from 2007-2012.

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